It’s Late and

I am wondering.
How can we preach to this generation?
How do we tell this generation to turn from sin to GOD?
Do you know that was John’s message? It was JESUS’ message. It was the Disciples’ message. It was Paul’s message. 

Scripture passages

Is it our message? 
Does this generation even know what is sin?
Can the average person define sin?  Does sin in their minds have any relevance to them? 

Then there is conviction.  Is there?
Do people experience conviction these days? 

And if people do not know what is sin and they do not experience conviction, how will they turn from sin to GOD?

Does this ever keep you awake at night? 

Love, Kathie

One thought on “It’s Late and

  1. Dear sister,

    Yes, it does keep us awake at times. You’re not alone. But I have a sign by my bedside that declares, “Give it to God…and go to sleep.”

    It helps!

    Brother Marc

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