Do, More Than We Don’t

As the hour is late to be here and still turn in early I think I shall be brief. 

Philippians 4. 

Allow me to share with you two or three observations from the first nine (9) verses.

Obviously, real Christians, Christians who have shared the Gospel, and whose names are written in the Book of Life can be at odds with one another.  A serious spat perhaps we would say. 
1And as Paul closes this letter he addresses it.  He even enlisted a Brother’s help. He wanted those Girls to lay aside the squabble and seek unity.  Unity in the Body of Christ. 
What a novel idea! 

Moving on to verse 4, he continues to exhort. 
He said we whose names are in the Book of Life are to be known for being REASONABLE and GENTLE. 
Yes. Reasonable and Gentle.
I am praying about this; as I had to ask myself am I REASONABLE and GENTLE?

One more nugget and I will close — I think.

In conclusion, brothers, focus your thoughts on what is true, noble, righteous, pure, lovable or admirable, on some virtue or on something praiseworthy.

Do you see the word FOCUS? 
We are commanded to focus because our minds (apart from focusing on the LORD) do NOT gravitate toward thinking about things that are
Virtuous or 

We just don’t, BUT yielded to Holy Spirit we can practice, practice, practice until we do more often than we don’t. 

Love, Kathie

2 thoughts on “Do, More Than We Don’t

  1. How we get along as Christians speaks volumes to the world who is watching. The lack of unity among Christians has and is giving God a black eye.
    People are watching and we are responsible to show them the unity that will draw them to Christ. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to be in unity.
    We have the word of God and the Holy Spirit living within us to show us the way. If we read His word, apply it, pray and seek to be true, noble, righteous, pure, lovable, admirable, virtuous and praiseworthy the result WILL BE unity. It’s as simple as that.
    God is not pleased with the disunity among His children. In the end, those that are irreconcilable may find that their names are not written in the book of life.
    Doctrines do not save you. Only Gods truth can do that. We find that truth in His word.
    Let’s all be as the Bereans and search Gods word together daily for the true truth.

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