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img_8038I’m not responding at the venue I found this but I am compelled to address it.

Submission has become as bitter as bile in the mouths of those who do not understand this God-given gift and sadly for these there is no vision for unwrapping or embracing this holy privilege. It is to them an undesirable mystery.
I hope I can help.

For the woman of GOD, submission is non-negotiable.
GOD expects it of us. Actually, He commands it.
And we cannot do well as daughter to Him, wife to husband, and mother to children, without Biblical submission.   And this is the whole of the bitterness to the women of the world and to many women of professing Christian faith.  It’s Biblical and it boils down to TRUST – not a lack of trust in the husband but of GOD Himself. 

The means and principles of living submission deserve a lengthy unfolding.

I’m not here to do that today.

I am here to plant a seed hoping it will take root and cause every woman who happens upon this page to reap a holy harvest as she digs deep and long into Scripture meeting the GOD who loves her on every page.
Additionally, there are some well-researched resources available. I am in the process of reading one of those resources now. Here check it out. Link

I also read this one. 51AM5FAXDRL._SX309_BO1,204,203,200_

And because it is out of print, it’s costly for a book so small but so HUGE.
I do advise keeping it in mind and should you find a copy in your budget, snap it up.

Let me close with this.
Biblical Submission is first Vertical and then horizontal – GOD is the Author and Finisher of submission both for the wife and the husband.

And yes submission is for the husband too.
Did you know that?
Do you know to whom he is commanded to submit?
By the Way, it’s not the wife — Go WAY Higher!

I hope you will start a detailed study to discover the means and principles of Biblical Submission right away.

Love, Kathie

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