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A Taste

I am writing from recall from early morning – 3:00 ish.  The Little One had stirred hungry. So, I fetched him from his crib and while he gulped down eight ounces of formula snug between us, love and blessings carassed my thoughts. Thoughts of the difference from now and then. […]


Light, bright and shadowed are the trees soaking in the rays of the soon sleeping sun. It’s worth a smile.  Perhaps even a pic. But you know the eye of a phone 🙂 cannot crisp  the details like baby blues (or greens, hazels and browns). I hope you all have […]

Hey, Y’all!

Just saying hello. Days have been full of doing and being and I have missed sharing with you all. At the moment Hubby is waiting for the Heisman Trophy winner announcement; Army lost, not by much but still a loss, so I’m disenchanted with football this evening. 🙂  I have […]