Whipping Up Mayo

This post is written with no specific one in mind.
This post is not for everyone.
It’s just me wanting to share something that to me is good and good for me.

I’ve gained a few pounds since the beginning of the year.

I gained those pounds emotionally eating – even eating when I was not really hungry and eating things I did not need.  A few days ago the magic number flipped a switch in my thinking.

That number was not going to stand period the end.
And tonight while I was whipping up some mayonnaise for tomorrow’s potato salad I realized I really wanted to come here and talk about this.

For me eating what I do not need is a spiritual thing.  When I eat more than I need or when I eat foods that are not helpful to me, it wounds my soul.


When I surrender to those not good for me now food images dancing in my head, I feel bad — physically and emotionally.
Whipping up the mayo tonight, I recognized, hey, wait I’m a happier soul these recent days.
And I know why!
I’ve been saying NO.
No to certain foods.
No to amounts.  And No to the times I eat.
When I say no. I’m not going to eat that and you can’t make me. It’s a really nice spiritual high.
I like it.  And I’m grateful.
It encourages me to know I CAN say NO to anything I need to say NO to.

cookiesThere is indeed VICTORY in JESUS! 

That’s it. That’s all I had to say.

Thanks for listening and being a means to hold myself accountable.

Love, Kathie 

Wall Calendars

December 31, 2022

Last day.
Are you Ready?

What shall we do?
Shall we invite, rather plead with The Father to give us the wonderful, holy gift of conviction of sin?
On this special day shall we confess our sins, receive His forgiveness and be willing to embrace a new level of obedience?

I wonder how many Folks still have wall calendars?
That’s what we used to call them.
Wall calendars. SouthernLady2023WallCalendar
I guess I still do.

We have one in the kitchen, one in the library, and one inside the door of the dressing room towel closet.
That’s where we record our daily weight.
Well, where I record it if it’s acceptable to me. 😉
J is much more faithful than I am.

What else shall we do today?

Set some goals, maybe?
Let’s see, shall we make a  list of some Books to read?
Or perhaps name the People we want to see — to fellowship with?

Attics to clean? Nah — I don’t even want to think about that today.

I have a pile of sheets to wash.
Not kidding. I want to laundry all of them and freshly stack them in the deacon’s bench at the end of the bed so they are ready all month in January.
You know when things get tucked away for a while they tend to get stale. 🙂
There’s a message in that if you want to explore it.

Happy New Year’s Eve.watchnight_nw_yrs_eve.364110008_std

Whatever you decide, whatever you do make it something that you can do in JESUS’ name.

Love, Kathie 

Churched People

1Well, y’all the last midnight of 2022 is 30 hours away (at this typing).

Thirty hours and a New Year begins.
We make a big deal of it — don’t we?

I actually like New Year’s.
Other than Thanksgiving, it’s my favorite holiday.
I like fresh starts.
I like new canvases.

There’s even something special to me about starting a new journal  – that very first page.
What shall I write?

What shall we write on the page (canvas) of our very first day of 2023?
We have some plans — do you?

How many of you remember back in the 1990s Churched People used to gather for fellowship on New Year’s Eve?
We would eat fun foods, play games, laugh, and talk until about 11:00 ish and then we’d head to the Auditorium or Sanctuary if you prefer; we’d kneel around the altar and we would pray in the New Year. prayer

Are any of y’all gathering together to do that this New Year’s Eve?
Let me hear from you.

I gotta get up from here — time to prepare supper.

22 The Lords acts of mercy indeed do not end, For His compassions do not fail.
23 They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulnesssource 


Love, Kathie 


It’s a quiet morning here at The White Stone Blog and in the house where we abide. Beacon-Generating-Warm-Light-Surrounding-Scenes-Are-Bright-and-Colorful-Can-Comfort-and-Set-One-s-Mind-at-Ease-HD-Natural-Scenery-Wallpaper

It is also December 25.
The world is celebrating who/what they do not know.

For the few of us whose month of December has been different, I have a few words.
To be honest, this morning I picked up one of my prayer journals, the one on my nightstand, and I wrote to Father that I had to be honest with Him that I missed some of the traditions of the Day – the warm fuzzies, the very sentimental, traditional things. And then “this is the day” came to mind, so I looked it up. It’s in Psalm 118.
I read the whole Psalm  – twice.
It gave me holy and much-welcomed warm fuzzies.
If you read it, may it do the same for you — especially if your December has been different and you have been experiencing just a bit of “missing something”.

So I was wondering how long have people been doing this?
When did it get started and why did it start?
There’s nothing recorded in the New Testament, so it must have been after the early Church.
They didn’t do this. So, I looked.

And of all places on the History Webpage, I found some low-down.
I have no reason to doubt them — do you?

Click HERE to read what I read. 
I’ll leave you to your own thoughts.

The cups of  tea and  red scarf near cozy fireplace.

   Love, Kathie 

Post-Script (PS)

This analogy is inferior but let me share it anyway.  It might help a few.
First, let me do a little setup.
One, JESUS is not a fallen human so He is not selfish, egotistical, or self-centered, unlike all unredeemed humans.

Now, how honored would YOU consider yourself to be if the world said it was throwing YOU a 2 to 3-month birthday party and the entire 2 to 3 months was all about those attending the party and YOU were barely mentioned (except in the promoting of the party and a few readings of the story of the night YOU were born) by only a small, small minority of the attendees?

Would YOU consider this a party celebrating YOUR birthday?

Would YOU dare pull such a fraud on any of YOUR family or friends?

Such is the world’s celebration that officially ended yesterday – December 25.

Rise with the Dawn

Just a quick pop-in to say hello. 
It’s cold where I am. I’ve had cold feet all day. 

So, y’all stay warm. tenor

Luke 21

This is our reading for today. 
If you have not read it yet, I invite you to use the link above to read it. 

It’s an up-to-date chapter – some things have already happened and others are yet to be. 

Here’s some counsel we must not miss:

34 “But keep watch on yourselves, or your hearts will become dulled by carousing, drunkenness and the worries of everyday living, and that Day will be sprung upon you suddenly like a trap! 
35 For it will close in on everyone, no matter where they live, throughout the whole world. 
36 Stay alert, always praying that you will have the strength to escape all the things that will happen and to stand in the presence of the Son of Man.”  source 

Read it again. We can’t take it all in, in one read. 

And then look what JESUS did as He was closing in on the end of His First Coming. 

37 Yeshua spent his days at the Temple, teaching; while at night he went out and stayed on the hill called the Mount of Olives. 
38 All the people would rise with the dawn to come and hear him at the Temple courts.   source 

They would rise with the dawn to come and hear Him. 

Father, I pray these words will particularly speak as our Readers come to read. Amen and amen. Be Thou Glorified O LORD. 

Love, Kathie