We are remembering Veterans today; as well we should.  (If you will, visit Who’s With Me? for more.)

Many lives have been given; much blood has been spilled for Freedom; and, we are deeply saddened that it was necessary but grateful to those who gave and those who are continuing to give to the Cause of Liberty.

And while we look to mortal men and women who have given blood for temporary freedom, let us look to the ONE who gave His Blood that we may have Eternal Freedom.

And YESHUA said:

11 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. 

14 I am the good shepherd; I know my own, and my own know me — 15 just as the Father knows me, and I know the Father — and I lay down my life on behalf of the sheep. 

17 “This is why the Father loves me: because I lay down my life — in order to take it up again! 18 No one takes it away from me; on the contrary, I lay it down of my own free will. I have the power to lay it down, and I have the power to take it up again. This is what my Father commanded me to do.”  John 10 [source]

Luke 4:17-19

17 And the book of the prophet Isaiah was handed to Him. And He opened the book and found the place where it was written,

18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me,
Because He anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor.
He has sent Me to proclaim release to the captives,
And recovery of sight to the blind,
To set free those who are oppressed,
19To proclaim the favorable year of the Lord.”

Thank You, ADONAI YESHUA, for eternal freedom, for eternal liberty; ONLY You could set we the captives eternally free and You did. Just words are not enough to say thank You. And thank You for men and women who loved freedom so much that they would lay aside their own lives for America and Other Lands. Help us celebrate today with gratitude, peace, praise, honor and dignity for them and most highly for You, LORD JESUS.


Done Before It’s Done (again)


Done Before It’s Done

Let me share with you how little it takes to excite me and make me smile.  A couple days this week I have read the same words at two addresses in Scripture: Luke 19:32 and Luke 22:13.  These are the words: went and found it just as He had said. 

Here are the texts in entirety: Luke 19:32 So those who were sent went their way and found it just as He had said to them. Luke 22:13 So they went and found it just as He had said to them, and they prepared the Passover.  [source] [source]

In Luke 19, Jesus sent His disciples for the colt upon which He would ride into Jerusalem.  He told them just where the colt would be and just what to say to the master of the colt.  They went and it was just as He told them it would be.  In Luke 22 He told His Disciples to go and prepare for Passover.  This is what He said in context.

7 Then came the Day of Unleavened Bread, when the Passover must be killed. 8 And He sent Peter and John, saying, “Go and prepare the Passover for us, that we may eat.”  9 So they said to Him, “Where do You want us to prepare?”  10 And He said to them, “Behold, when you have entered the city, a man will meet you carrying a pitcher of water; follow him into the house which he enters. 11 Then you shall say to the master of the house, ‘The Teacher says to you, “Where is the guest room where I may eat the Passover with My disciples?”’ 12 Then he will show you a large, furnished upper room; there make ready.”  13 So they went and found it just as He had said to them, and they prepared the Passover. [source]

I love it!  He told them, they obeyed, and as they did they found it just like He said they would.  Look what they would have missed if they had refused to go!   But that’s not what is making me smile.  I am smiling because I just LOVE to read how my Savior is always right and what He says is as good as done even before it is done!  Is He AWESOME or what?!!

These Words mean so much to me.  I can only imagine how it was for them to hear and see You say it will be this way or that way when you get there and then go and there it is just as You said. They must have had so much fun with You.  It must have been so good to hear You laugh; to see You laugh; to see You sit the little ones on Your lap and see them just adore You; to see You tell stories; to see Your Face when You talked about ABBA.  It must have been so good.  Thank You that I won’t miss out on all that; that I will see You laugh; I will see the love and kindness on Your Face.  Thank You, Jesus.  And, Holy Spirit, I pray this Word will minister to our IDOKs and our Readers.  I pray we will all love You more; that we will become more intimately acquainted with You today.  And our IDOK Troops I don’t want to go a day without remembering them and asking for their protection and safety, so protect them, ABBA, please.  And You know how I feel about Israel, You know they are dear to me but oh so much more to You.  I trust them to You.  And I am trusting America to You too.  You are not finished with us yet; thank You.  Move us and shake us however You want.  You are the Potter and we are the clay.   I suppose I better say amen here so our IDOKs and Readers can say amen too and get to it – whatever You are sending or allowing their way today.  I pray we will act and react in ways that will bless You and give You pleasure. And yes I love You too.  And Jesus, I am looking forward to seeing You, come quickly.  Amen and amen.


Tight Spots (again)


Tight Spots

I am still in my 90 Days with Jesus, the One and Only, and up to Day 76 and in today’s session Beth asked me this question:  What do you think He would say to you when you’re in one of life’s tightest spots?  She asked me that because we were reading in Luke.  Luke 22:14-22 to be exact.  That is the portion of Scripture were Jesus told His Disciples in verse 15 that He with fervent desire desired to eat this Passover with them before He suffered.  There’s something special in that for me.  I don’t have words yet to explain but in my spirit something stirred when I read it.  I know this much I am more in love with Him for it and I want to be more like Him in that fervent desire to serve and commune with Him and my sisters and brothers.  But back to the question.  This is hours before the Garden of Gethsemane and being the GodMan, He had emotions going on within.  Love was one for sure and I think sorrow and grief too.  So all that being said what do you think He would say to you in your tightest spot?  Before you answer, read this:

Luke 22: (New King James Version)

14 When the hour had come, He sat down, and the twelve apostles with Him.
15 Then He said to them, “With fervent desire I have desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer;
16 for I say to you, I will no longer eat of it until it is fulfilled in the kingdom of God.”
17 Then He took the cup, and gave thanks, and said, “Take this and divide it among yourselves;
18 for I say to you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God comes.”
19 And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is My body which is given for you; do this in remembrance of Me.”
20 Likewise He also took the cup after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in My blood, which is shed for you.
21 But behold, the hand of My betrayer is with Me on the table.
22 And truly the Son of Man goes as it has been determined, but woe to that man by whom He is betrayed!”   [source]

This was my answer: I know! I know how you feel. I also know how this is going to turn out – trust Me.  Trust Me that I am with you and trust Me that I know how to help you through this. 

And if you are inclined and want to share … I’d be honored to hear what you think He would say to you. 

Again, You have so delighted me!  You make life here good, ABBA! Thank You. 

And now that much of the day has come and gone, prayer requests and reports have come it. Thank You.

ABBA, show Yourself Mighty on behalf of all that are spoken here; many heavy hearts, much pain and uncertainties, but You are the God of all comfort and the God who sees and heals and provides and knows best and who is always loving and kind, always right, always holy and always on time.  So we trust You.  Again, we pray for protection and safety for our IDOK Troops, and for their safe returns home.  We pray for Israel to be protected and for their enemies to be subdued.  We pray for mercy and grace for the American People.  We pray for those missionaries detained in Haiti, asking that You intervene, expose and reveal truth and bring about Your will for them.  I pray for each of our IDOKs and our Readers for rest and peace, refreshing sleep and a hunger and thirst for You that exceeds anything we have known to this day.   And all this I ask in the Mighty and Precious Name of Jesus. Amen and amen.


Perfect vs Persistent (again)


Perfect vs Persistent

We are not fully back to normal around here, whatever normal is. We have had days filled with love, laughter and lots of food and this morning it’s quiet, for a little while  anyway, unless you count the sound of the washing machine and distance traffic.   I like it! My beloved is safely to work and I am slowly getting started – no surprise to you since you don’t have an IDOK yet.

Let me share with you again today from my gift book: Jesus Lives by Sarah Young (published by Thomas Nelson ISBN-13:978-1-4041-8695-8), pages 214 and 215.


BRING YOUR ATTENTION GENTLY BACK TO ME WHENEVER IT STARTS TO WANDER. Find relief in the truth that I look for persistence-rather than perfection-in your walk with Me.

Are you amazed at how quickly and how far your mind can wander from Me? When you recognized this has happened, don’t be shattered by disappointment or distracted by discouragement.  Instead, simply return your attention to Me and to the truth that I accept you in all your imperfection.

Not only do I accept you as you are, I love you as you are.  I died a criminal’s death so I could adorn you with My own perfection.  That’s why bringing your thoughts to Me is so important: It is My perfect righteousness that saves you, and it will never be taken away from you!

You can easily fall prey to self-rejection if you have unrealistic expectations for yourself.  When you fail, I want you to bring your focus back to Me gently, without judging yourself.  Instead of doing further harm by putting yourself down, persist in setting your sights on Me.  I always welcome you back with unfailing Love.

Hebrews 10:12-14  12 But this Man, after He had offered one sacrifice for sins forever, sat down at the right hand of God, 13 from that time waiting till His enemies are made His footstool. 14 For by one offering He has perfected forever those who are being sanctified.

Luke 10:41-42  41 And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things. 42 But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.” (source)

Psalm 36:7  7 How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God!
Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings. (source)

And we thought picking on ourselves was a good thing, didn’t we?  No, not really – it’s just the easier thing to do.  This is an encouragement to me; I hope you don’t need it but just in case you ever do – remember DADDY GOD is not looking for us to be PERFECT yet just PERSISTENT in the right direction.

Thank You, ABBA, for these days we have enjoyed; thank You for the love and laughter we are now treasuring.  And thank You for the food we relished and thank You now for courage to ‘pay’ rather than ‘play’ in our consumptions.  Just a few more days and we will mark a new year and we are already thinking about promises we may make to ourselves; don’t let us do that again. Don’t let us make promises we cannot reasonably keep; don’t let us set ourselves up for that guilt; You’ve told us already that is not what You want for us.  Get us passed that mental trap of waiting until January 2 to begin or next week or tomorrow; help us begin today, doing just one thing we know would bless You, others and ourselves. Again, we pray for protection from all harm for our IDOK Troops, we pray for heart and mind peace for each of them in hostile places; we pray for Peace for Israel and to see them occupy the LAND You have given them; we pray for America, for space and grace to repent; we pray for each name written here with every need of spirit, soul and body and we ask You to grant relief from pain and healings and rescues as You will for Jesus Name Sake.  Amen and amen.