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It’s back to school today for Mobile and Baldwin Counties, Alabama.
Abba, I am thinking this morning about school buses and lunches and take-in bells, and car pools; so many busy activities this morning as our children and grandchildren go back to school. I pray for their protection in all this busy-ness. I pray that Moms and Dads will remember to pray with their ‘babies’ as they march them off to the bus or drop them at the take-in line. I am thinking of my own grand-babies that start again today. I pray for courage for the older ones to be strong in faith; to begin even today to establish again I am a Christian and I make my choices based upon You Lord. I pray for courage from them to be courteous but firm in all their conversations. I pray for protection for the younger ones as they learn and play. I pray for teachers, for calmness of spirit and for kindness to given and received. Lord, we are grateful for godly teachers and we pray for them for courage and strength and holiness to be found in them today and we pray for teachers that are lost; first that this year they come to know You too and we pray our children and grandchildren will help them along their way. And we pray for our babies that You will put a hedge of protection around them and that the youngest to the oldest will from the inside KNOW TRUTH and will not be swayed from TRUTH to lies. Thank You for schools, thank You for teachers, bus drivers, cafeteria workers, custodians, every soul who speaks into the lives of our children and grandchildren while they are away from us and we pray You will be glorified today. We are entrusting them all to You today for protection, for learning, for Godly friends, and holy fun. And thank You for Brooklyn’s progress. Thank You for a successful surgery and Lord whatever You have for Brooklyn and her family we trust You for that to be. And we bring these today too. Thank You for the privilege of praying for them. We know You have good plans for them. We know You love them more than we can imagine and You will only good and holiness for them. Help us all to walk with You whatever road we are on today.
Psalm 118: 24 This is the day the LORD has made;
We will rejoice and be glad in it.
25 Save now, I pray, O LORD;
O LORD, I pray, send now prosperity.

Yes, Lord prosper our children today in every place of education they go. And we do rejoice that You are Lord over this day and all our days. Lord, we do want our children to have higher education. We want them to come up HIGHER in You today. We as parents and grandparents want to come up HIGHER too. We want to be more noble in our pursuits and more godly in all our conversations. We want to be conformed to Your Image, Jesus, especially when we are surrounded by those who are not and we pray for those who are not that they will yet say yes to You, Lord. Amen and amen.
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