Monday, October 18, 2010

Taken from Just Between God and Me by Sandra Drescher (1977 by The Zondervan Corporation. Grand Rapids, Michigan)

A Half-Baked Life

Trying a new recipe for a cake turned into a disaster.  After it was baked and cooled, it looked good, but when it was cut open, it lost its attraction. The inside was a mass of heavy, soggy dough.  I hadn’t baked it long enough.

Unless I live according to God’s direction each day, I am not fully ready to serve the purpose He has for me. What it looks like on the outside isn’t necessarily what it is on the inside until He has total control over me.

My people mingle with the heathen, picking up their evil-ways; thus they become as good-for-nothing as a half-baked cake. (Hos. 7:8 LB)

Lord, help me to “bake” evenly so the inside is as good as the outside looks. Thank You for living in me. Amen.

Holy hugs, kt

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