Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your prayers are working.

Thank you.

And I am so grateful that the LORD provided the book Just Between God & Me by Sandra Drescher for us in this quiet period. My soul is getting refreshed!

Pass It On

I have a friend who loves to do things for other people, and she doesn’t expect anything in return. When it’s impossible for me to repay her acts of kindness, she tells me to do something for someone else, and that will be pay enough.

She is a beautiful example of the kind of love Christ has for me. I can never repay Him for what He’s done for me, but I can show my gratitude by spreading His love to others.

Jesus told him, “Go and do likewise” (Luke 10:37 NIV).

Your love, JESUS, is more than I can repay except by telling others about it. Thank You for Your amazing love. Amen

Amen, ABBA, Your love for me, for us all is amazing! Thank You. And thank You for our IDOKs. I am placing them before You petitioning You for the very best You have for each one individually and for us collectively. Thank You for this time of refreshing. Thank You for the good I see happening. Thank You that adversity given to You grows good stuff in JESUS name.  I am mindful as I trust our IDOKs are of our IDOK Troops, the November elections, the State of Hearts in the Nation, the need of revival in Your People and the WOW Conference in February, 2011; all this and more we lay on the altar with our love and praise in JESUS name. Amen and amen.

Holy hugs, kt

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