Day 3

Passion Week

From the time JESUS entered Jerusalem on ‘Palm Sunday’ until He was taken into the Garden, He packed in a lot of teaching.  Go with me to

Matthew 24

Theologians and folks much more learned than I believe it was on Day 3 (Tuesday) that JESUS spoke with His disciples explaining to them

The meaning of the Parable of the Fig Tree (verses 32-41 of Matthew 24)
The Pharisees set out to entrap Him with their infamous Tax question

Matthew 22:15-22 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Tribute to Caesar

15 Then the Pharisees went and plotted together how they might trap Him in what He said.
16 And they sent their disciples to Him, along with the Herodians, saying, “Teacher, we know that You are truthful and teach the way of God in truth, and defer to no one; for You are not partial to any.
17 Tell us then, what do You think? Is it lawful to give a poll-tax to Caesar, or not?”
18 But Jesus perceived their malice, and said, “Why are you testing Me, you hypocrites?
19 Show Me the coin used for the poll-tax.” And they brought Him a denarius.
20 And He said to them, “Whose likeness and inscription is this?”
21 They said to Him, “Caesar’s.” Then He said to them, “Then render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.”
22 And hearing this, they were amazed, and leaving Him, they went away.
via Matthew 22:15-22 NASB – Tribute to Caesar – Then the Pharisees – Bible Gateway.

Is there anybody besides me who would like to speak so well to a passel of crafty politicians? Perhaps if I spent more time listening to JESUS I’d be enabled to do so.

And, of course, the Sadducees couldn’t let the Pharisees have all the fun so they set out to ask Him a question regarding marriage in the state of Resurrection.  Do you find it interesting that the Sadducees did not even hold to the Doctrine of a Bodily Resurrection?  (see Matthew 22:23-33 or Mark 12:18-27 and /or Luke 20:27-38)

The Sadducees having failed to find cause to charge Him, the Pharisees gave it another shot. This time the quiz was which is the great commandment. (See Matthew 22:34-40; Mark 12:28-34; Luke 20:39-40)

And then LORD asked the Pharisees a question: What think ye of Christ? Whose son is he?  They could not answer Him.  HE is so Wise!! (See Matthew 22:41-46; Mark 12:35-37; Luke 20:41-44)

Never believe Satan’s lies that JESUS was a wimp! See what He said to the Pharisees! Matthew 23:1-39; Mark 12:38-40; Luke 20:45-47.

And it is believed to be on this Third Day that JESUS observed the woman giving the widow’s mite. Oh to have a heart like hers and receive His praise. Could there be anything greater?  See Mark 12:41-44; Luke 21:1-4.

And finally for Day 3 was His Olivet Discourse on the signs of the times. See Matthew 24 and 25 and Mark 13

And with all that said, perhaps He got a couple of hours of sleep.

Oh, What a Savior!!

LORD JESUS, no words I have can describe how great You are; how good and wise and kind and gracious. Thank You, HOLY SPIRIT, for giving us Your Word to read, from which to learn and come to intimately know You. For every dear one who comes here to read and pray, I pray You will speak and impart the will and power to love You more, to love Your Word more, to worship and adore You will all our being. Thank You, JESUS, for saving us. Our words are so inadequate yet You receive our praise. Thank You, ABBA, thank You. And for the many needs represented here, thank You for touching each one with the perfect provision. Amen and . . . .   .

We have the God-given Right to do right in this wrong World,