I am borrowing this morning from FACEBOOK (I make no claims to it, nor am I privy to the originator of it). A picture posted from JESUS DAILY. It makes me smile. It gives me a sweet sensation in my soul as I look at it. Not because I think JESUS facially, physically looked exactly like this.  No, but because I believe He did just as this pencil sketch depicts while He was here on the planet in His GOD-MAN earthly ministry.  Are you ready?  Enjoy!!

Take it for what it is worth to you:

JESUS is the Originator of humor, fun, laughter, light hearted-ness, wholesome joking, play and more!!

James 1:16-18 New Century Version (NCV)

16 My dear brothers and sisters, do not be fooled about this.
17 Every good action and every perfect gift is from God. These good gifts come down from the Creator of the sun, moon, and stars, who does not change like their shifting shadows.
18 God decided to give us life through the word of truth so we might be the most important of all the things he made.

via James 1:16-18 NCV – My dear brothers and sisters, do not be – Bible Gateway.

13A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of the heart the spirit is broken.

via Proverbs 15:12-14 KJ21 – A scorner loveth not one that reproveth – Bible Gateway.

22A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.

via Proverbs 17:21-23 KJV – He that begetteth a fool doeth it to – Bible Gateway.

Thank You, ABBA, for this sweet rendition of the belief of one’s heart and thank You that is it true.  LORD JESUS, You delight me.  Thank You for the day that I will see Your Smile with these mortal eyes turned immortal. Thank You for making this a reality. Not just for me but for every soul that dares to repent and believe. And for every soul that comes here to read and to pray, thank You. Thank You for them, for their lives and the plans You have for them. Thank You for the smiles they bring to Your Face.  And I pray that it will be our first desire and the intent and dedication of our minds and hearts to please You, to bring smiles to Your Face and joy to Your Heart.  And as other mornings, we bring our sick and afflicted of every sort represented here and we ask You to heal us. We pray for the wayward and unlearned and unsaved that You will send forth laborers to work with You in rescue efforts for each one. Thank You for this holy and blessed ministry.  Amen and            .

We have the God-given Right to do right in this wrong World,