A Blessing

7 Blessed is the man who trusts in Adonai;

Adonai will be his security.

8 He will be like a tree planted near water;

it spreads out its roots by the river;

it does not notice when heat comes;

and its foliage is luxuriant;

it is not anxious in a year of drought

but keeps on yielding fruit.

via Jeremiah 17 CJB – “Y’hudah’s sin is written with an – Bible Gateway.

To flourish even in a drought; that is Adonai’s will for you and me. I pray it to be so.

Father, I pray to be such a tree with deep roots that find love, trust, faith, peace, and strength in times of the fiercest drought.  This morning I have many to bring for blessing. with various needs and situations, for wisdom, guidance, peace, and wholeness.  Father, You know the anxieties and the deep cries of our hearts.  Close friends with tender needs. Family with plans and dreams. And this day for all who come here to read and pray for today be a HOLY SPIRIT heeded day and a day to exalt JESUS in every place and to make HIM known in our individual spheres. And as this day closes that we will know we have done well, Father and You are pleased with Your children for JESUS’ namesake. 

Blessings of Joy and Peace,

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