Day 32 of 35  – Soul Detox

Matthew 16:21-28


Matthew 16 shows us that one way to manage toxic relationships is to set healthy boundaries in the way Jesus did with Peter. You might need to tell that person that you won’t let them talk to you or treat you in a toxic way, or you may simply need to tell them that you are just not going to go to a toxic place in your relationship with them.
What types of healthy boundaries do you need establish in your relationships? How will you go about setting those boundaries?

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My Momma would say we were not to hear a sermon with a pitch fork. And then she explained – hearing a message and rather than assimilating the message for what it means to ME, pitch over – apply it to someone else. 

27 For the Son of Man will come in his Father’s glory, with his angels; and then he will repay everyone according to his conduct.

via Matthew 16:21-28 CJB;NIV – From that time on, Yeshua began making – Bible Gateway.


Everyone includes YOU and ME.

The boundaries I set determine MY CONDUCT. And it is my conduct, if I am wise, that is my concern; for it is my conduct for which I will be repaid or rewarded.

Not many days remain with our Soul Detox study. Let us do some serious meditating as to changes in attitude, words and actions we must make.

ABBA, my mind is weary at times with choices and so often I have looked at the choices of others; seeing the boundaries they do not draw and I have been filled with emotions about it – some not healthy. Thank You for bringing this to my attention. I pray for a meditating heart; to meditate upon the boundaries I must draw in order to make right decisions and do the most good while I am here.
HOLY SPIRIT, guide us in prayer for the good of Others. The boundaries that must be drawn for holy, healthy, happy living. You know the faces I see – You see them too. Thank You again for this study; I pray it does its perfect work in me and every soul reading. And, ABBA, for every person who comes here to read and perhaps pray, I pray for them to be encouraged, inspired and, yes, even corrected as YOU will. I pray they will find You faithful in their trials of need, sickness, disease, lack, troubles and decisions of every kind. Thank You, YESHUA, for giving us Your LIFE and RIGHTEOUSNESS. Amen and amen.



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