Good and Bad

Day 33 of 35 — Soul Detox

Genesis 39:1-23


Another way to handle toxic relationships is to end them. The Bible is full of examples of people who cut off their toxic relationships such as Joseph and Potiphar’s wife in Genesis 39.
In what types of circumstances do you feel it would be necessary to end a toxic relationship?

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Obvious from today’s TEXT, there are some relationships we flee. There are some circumstances wherein we do the right thing and we still suffer; in fact, we suffer BECAUSE we did the right thing. Even so fleeing what is not honoring to our ABBA is always the right thing to do; even if it hurts.  We need to hear this!!

And we need to hear something more. Please note with me that  GOD was with Joseph in the good and the bad.

2 Adonai was with Yosef, and he became wealthy while he was in the household of his master the Egyptian.

via Genesis 39:1-23 CJB;NIV – (v) Yosef was brought down to Egypt, – Bible Gateway.

I’d say that was a GOOD time for Joseph, wouldn’t you? He became wealthy and second in command in the Nation – a lot of power and wealth there!

21 But Adonai was with Yosef, showing him grace and giving him favor in the sight of the prison warden.

via Genesis 39:1-23 CJB;NIV – (v) Yosef was brought down to Egypt, – Bible Gateway.

I’d say that was pretty bad, wouldn’t you? Joseph went to prison for a crime he DID NOT commit. Joseph did not wind up in prison because he did evil; he went to prison BECAUSE he did not do evil!

BUT GOD – don’t you love those two words: BUT GOD?!

In the good times and the bad GOD was with Joseph. Is He not the same with you and me?  Reminds me of a song. Here. Enjoy the words, the music and scenes of ABBA’s creation.

ABBA, in the good times and the bad, You are faithful; You are GOD and that’s just the way it is. Thank You. ABBA, we know some having some bad times and here and now we proclaim You are good! And here and now we ask and trust You to intervene. A heart cath for Leslie. Recovery and then more surgery for Terri. Various needs for Kerri, Dylan and Dori. Comfort for BT and others grieving. Wisdom and knowledge for exams to take. Family chaos. Stubborn and wayward souls refusing to repent. New babies needing a chance to live to know You. Children discarded and abandoned. Wives thrown away like refuse. And these are matters near by,  ABBA, no doubt others coming to this page have faces on the screens of their hearts just as tender and desperate. BUT YOU are faithful and You are our Help, our Source and our Strength; our Defender and Provider. We praise You and trust You with them all in YESUHA’s Name.


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