Questionable Relationships

Day 34 of 35  — Soul Detox

Acts 15:22-41; 2 Corinthians 6:14-18; Deuteronomy 7:1-6


Even though it may not be easy, your toxic relationship may grow to such a dangerous point that you may have to end it. Today you will read more from God’s Word about why it is sometimes necessary to end a toxic relationship, and examples of toxic relationships that ended.
Why do you think we tend to have more toxic relationships in our lives instead of healthy ones?

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That is a probing question. Do you have an answer?

Why do we allow toxic relationships to continue?
And what is a toxic relationship anyway?
What makes a healthy relationship?
And do we have the right to pitch a person out of our lives just because they irritate us?

In this moment as I type these questions I am reminded of something Joyce Meyer said and I think it answers at least a couple of these questions. She said that she will associate with anyone as long as she is INFLUENCING them and they are not INFECTING her.  I understand that to mean as long as she has confirmation from the HOLY SPIRIT that she is influencing them to focus on JESUS, she continues with the relationship; but if she hears the HOLY SPIRIT checking her Spirit and she realizes she is being adversely affected by them (my examples: praying less, reading The Word less, disobedient to the WORD we know already; negative, short-tempered, unwholesome language, and the list could go on and on), the relationship must be distanced or stopped.

Does that help anyone?

ABBA, again I am thankful for this Soul Detox study; I am grateful for the clear message it gives; I am grateful for the practicality it gives so we can see changes we must make. And so, ABBA, I pray for myself and for every person who comes here to read and to pray that we will have the courage and the necessary love for You to make these changes. And as yesterday, there are people and matters all around us crying for Your intervention. In particular today I am mindful of sex trafficking. I pray You will raise up an army of holy people to co-labor with You to rescue these enslaved in this plague of evil. I pray You will educate us and arm us with tools and means to rescue and deliver them from this bondage. Thank You for hearing our prayers, individually and collectively. Melinda comes to mind. I particularly ask for favor and blessings of just what she needs today. And there’s a list of others – many, ABBA, and others joining in prayer here have lists too. We are so grateful that You hear and You care and You are willing and able to answer and help us. We confess and proclaim we have no question, no matter, too small or too large for You. Thank You, ABBA, in YESHUA’s Mighty and Holy name.

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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