Forego the Distance

Matthew 24:12 and many people’s love will grow cold because of increased distance from Torah.

via Matthew 24:12 KJV;CJB – And because iniquity shall abound, the – Bible Gateway.

This verse is holding my attention today. For a deeper understanding we have to become acquainted with the broad meaning of Torah. Yes, it is the first five books of the Old Testament but Torah is more.

Look I am borrowing from which tells us this:

The word Torah (תּוֹרָה) comes from the root word yarah meaning \”to shoot an arrow\” or \”to hit the mark.\” Properly used, the word means \”teaching\” or \”instruction.\” Teaching is associated with the Holy Spirit, just as God taught Moses what to do and say (Exod. 4:15). And it is clear that Yeshua our Messiah assumed the title of Rabbi and performed much of his ministry as a Teacher (John 1:38).  via The Written Torah – Torah Shebikhtav.

When you read the word Torah in the CBJ or Law in Gentile translations of Scripture think teaching or instruction; think the WHOLE COUNSEL of GOD – all that HE has said to us in the Scripture.

Now return to Matthew 24:12.

Love grows cold when we distance ourselves from the Teachings of GOD. When we distance ourselves from abiding in obedience to the WORD of GOD, all manner of unloving behavior begins to go on in our day-to-day walking about.  Not only do I see counsel here for me to heed. I see that the World at large and in particular America has distanced Herself from Torah – it shows in Her behavior.

I can’t change America but I can allow the Torah (the Whole Counsel of ABBA) to transform me. And so can you; and enough of us behaving in real, godly love will put America back on solid footing!

Now that’s something to ponder on Day 3 of 2014.


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