A Recommendation

I finished book 2 today! It is this one:

The HarbingerThere is a companion DVD entitled The Harbinger Decoded. I viewed that again today with a group of Sister-Friends. They want to see it again next week. They want others to see it. It is important. This book is important. This DVD is important. But more important here is the MESSAGE. The Message to you, the message to me; the message to America. I invite you to hear.

To give you a taste, hear and see:

Please consider investing your time to hear this Message on this 10th day of 2014 ~~~


2 thoughts on “A Recommendation

  1. Kathie, I highly recommend this book….read it a couple of years ago and it was very eye opening and thought provoking…to say the least!!

    Wishes for a healthy and happy 2014!! Dianne

    • Thank you Dianne. I am so grateful for my sister in law putting the DVD in my hands. I had ordered the book some months ago but had not read it – when the DVD came I began reading the book and watched the DVD. Don’t know where we are going with it from here but I hope to be a part of sounding the Harbinger!

      Thanks again for your encouragement!

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