until It is Over

Father, JESUS came to destroy the works of darkness. That is what You said.
The Media in America, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, there may be others, all these media outlets distort the truth, or tell flat-out lies, cover-up, and conceal the truth and deliberately seek to emotionally cripple and paralyze people with fear.
Truly they are all workers of darkness, so I am asking You to destroy and bring down to naught these entities so they can no longer do what they are doing today. Please hear me, Father, and save this Nation that You put me in to live and share Your Gospel. Please destroy the works of darkness and open up ways to show people they need JESUS.  And, Father, I believe but YOU know for sure if there is voter fraud going on here in this 2020 election and if there is please wow the Church, wow the Lost with Your Intervention and expose every cheater and deal justly with each one I pray. Amen and amen.

Who will join me in this prayer?

4 thoughts on “until It is Over

  1. Great message Kathy! I’m with you on the corruption. God is great and will watch over us. Thank for the message, and keep it up. Praying for you!

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