A Gift

I started in August of this year working on a gift – a gift to JESUS that I have pretty much kept to myself, sharing mostly only with JT, Little Girl and Baby Girl. A particular gift of obedience in a particular area of struggle. 

The Scripture does say:

For although physical exercise does have some value, godliness is valuable for everything, since it holds promise both for the present life and for the life to come. via 1 Timothy 4:7-9 KJV;CJB — Bible Gateway.

And so I leaned on that heavily. 🙂  And exercised little. 

The Scripture also speaks of feasting:

17 On the thirteenth day of the month Adar; and on the fourteenth day of the same rested they, and made it a day of feasting and gladness. via Esther 9:16-18 KJV;CJB –  Bible Gateway.

And I did. 🙂 Often. 

But that led to self-condemnation. Lots of it. Which led to more feasting but not much rejoicing. And then there was pain. Physical pain. And the Doctor said, “Kathie, it would help if you took off a few pounds. You’re not a lot overweight but just a few pounds would relieve that hip-joint some and you HAVE to MOVE. You either have inflammation in that joint or the beginnings of arthritis. You got to move, Girl.”  

And so I took him seriously but I needed help. Lots of it. So I asked ABBA for a new mind about this thing. And He went right to work. Slowly but surely. 

I heard things like: this self-condemnation does not produce godliness, it is in fact, pride – stop it!  I finally believed He cared how much I weighed, how much I exercised and what I ate, not because He was displeased with my size, not because large or small decreased or increased my value to Him, but because of the affect it had on ME! I learned that caring (in balance) for my body was an act of worship; an act of obedience. When the exercise increased, the portion sizes decreased, and healthy food choices became the norm, the self-condemnation ceased. And not just in the area of weight but other areas too. I felt accomplished. I felt successful. The defeat cycle ended. My love and respect for HIM grew! Communion with Him grew! I was, AM in AWE of Him! The smaller I get the Larger in my eyes HE is. That’ll preach, if you think about it. 🙂

Food does not boss me around anymore. I tell it what to do! {Phil.4: 13 I can do all things through him who gives me power. via Phil 4:13 KJV;CJB – Bible Gateway.} Same with my lazy bones! They get out of bed, hit the road for a walk on an average week of at least 5, maybe six days and 3 days a week we go to Curves.

I’m sold on Curves! It works for an older woman like me. I’ve dropped 3 pants sizes since August and not ONCE have I had sore muscles from the work outs there. And I’ve learned if a particular machine does give you medical difficulties, skip it and go on to the next – it all works out. Just don’t give up. 

Now, how do I land this puppy? 

Doing what is good, what is right, however insignificant it seems in the scheme of forever, matters to DADDY GOD. Trust me on this one. HE IS INTERESTED. 

So if your jeans (or dress, or skirt) size is causing you to condemn yourself, get a revelation: HE loves you just like you are but obviously you don’t! So do something. Either accept that size (especially if there are no medical or good health reasons to change it) and give Him praise or surrender it for reduction or increase as the case may be. Either choice is an act of obedience and He will reward you for faithful obedience!

And that’s my Gift. Strange isn’t it? I had to do it for Him before it worked out good for me. 🙂

Happy weekend my Friends. 

Day 346 of 2014, a day to give Thanks!