Hey, Y’all!


Just saying hello.

Days have been full of doing and being and I have missed sharing with you all. At the moment Hubby is waiting for the Heisman Trophy winner announcement; Army lost, not by much but still a loss, so I’m disenchanted with football this evening. 🙂  I have a Hallmark movie dvr-ing; I can start watching soon and skip the commercials. I bit the bullet and downloaded Windows 10 (again – working out better this time) so I’ve had some hours of fun and frustration playing with that. Sunday School study has been sweet today. One of the GRANDS was here for a visit for a couple of days and that was good.  Y’all really care about all this, huh? 🙂

One more night to light the Menorah.image We are not Jewish but they have my heart; this is our second year lightening the candles. I am ignorant of so much of the Jewish Heritage but I am eternally grateful to them for Yeshua! 

I hope your Christmas imagedecorating, shopping, baking, visiting and the like has been pleasant, even down right happy.  And so with that I will leave you with a you tube – I am hearing the sounds of Mary Poppins steaming down the hall to my desk.  🙂

And the Wise Still Seek Him

Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie 

2 comments on “Hey, Y’all!”

  1. Hello, my friend! I missed watching any football yesterday as I was on the road three hours south of us to speak. The Lord showed up in a mighty way and ladies did business with Jesus. My man and I have watched a couple of Christmas movies this past week and it was good. We have never done that before. It is good to hear from you. Have a blessed Lord’s Day.

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    1. Thank you my friend! You have given me an extra Sunday morning smile! That is the best news: Ladies doing business with Jesus. One of these days I want to hear you minister in person. Blogs and Study Books are great but in person – well LORD willing it will happen! 😊❤️


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