Rotten Boards

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It’s an empty space; three boards are missing. JT noticed a little give a few days ago as he stepped on the deck on his way to Sara’s yard. She will often insist for a milk bone. But I digress. img_7292-1And so with some muscle, some resistance, some screw heads stripped and some work with a power saw, we have a gaping hole. See.

I stared at the hole and I thought: well, life happens! Deck boards wear out for everyone. And DADDY GOD doesn’t always intervene to stop the natural decaying process in deck boards and other matters of this pretty world. But you know, I smiled looking at that empty space that must be filled. Yeah. I really did. A gaping hole in a not that old deck brought a vivid sweet truth to mind. Actually it was the truth that brought the smile. The truth that GOD is always on Hand to give His Hand in helps with every rotten board, every disappointment, every dark, musky, putrid thing that comes along; He is right there. No. He does not as often as I like stop natural decay but He always has a solution. He always gives strength to pull out those rotten boards and fill the space with a new, fresh and stable walking path for each of His children who will ask.


Dear friends, if our hearts know nothing against us, we have 
confidence  in approaching God;22 then, whatever we ask for, we 
receive from him; because we are obeying his commands and doing
 the things that please him. [source] I John 3.
Until Next Time ~ ~ ~ Kathie
Your Prayer requests welcomed

Day 141
22 days remaining after today.

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