Silent Majority

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I read a blog post recently; it was a timely and well written essay and when I reached the end the comment section was closed. What an excellent idea!

Obviously I am not the only one over done with this transgender bathroom, all things related to the LGBT movement. I have a plan; at least for me. From my window, I have a clear view of nature and from eon it has been the same: Male and female created He them (Genesis 1:27). So that tells me every human with a sexual identity/behavior conflict/issue is either in the throes of arguing with GOD or they have already told Him HE is WRONG. Anybody besides me know how brain-dead that is?!

So debate participation is over for me. That last picture I saw on Facebook was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Y’all better be glad I’m not GOD.  With His power, I would have already opened up hell and dropped us all in; the depravity of humanity has sunk even lower than I could have imagined. All I can say is GOD is gracious, awesome and all together worthy of our love, adoration and obedience; certainly not what is going on every day on this planet!

To debate, argue, rehash, read, view or in any manner give any more cerebral rental space to this media frenzy is ludicrous. Beyond this piece, for me I am shutting the discussion down, either verbal or written; leaving open, room only for honest searching-for-GOD souls hoping for a way out of sin’s penalty. Those I would gladly pray with, honor and labor with for truth and freedom. The grandstanding, loud, boisterous, in my face, screaming/demanding that I call evil, good – nope! I’m done. I will no longer validate such fruitless activity with my time and attention.

There is no worthiness in this media circus as it has thus far been presented. The right and wrong of sexuality is irrefutable not only by Scripture but by the biological makeup of we and this sphere on which we reside. To allow ourselves to get worked up into heated debates, brawls and endless Facebook discussion threads gives undeserved credibility to this movement as well as diverting our attention from the real culprit (Ephesians  6:12) and from matters about which we could actually do some good.

So. Am I advocating legislative surrender and caving in to political correctness? Not no, but HEAVEN’S NO! I’m envisioning some holy stealth operations to dismantle this unholy political machine. Have we not heard; have we not read; do we not believe that GOD resists the proud but He gives grace to the humble? (James 4:6) I’m bowing out now; silent to the masses related to this matter, but a whole lot of vocal coming with the ONE Who listens with Grace. Perhaps the Silent Majority should remain silent to the subject masses and become exceedingly vocal on their behalf to the Heavenly Father.

GOD has made The Way ~ ~ ~ Kathie