A Poem 

I’m reading again. And today I’d like to share a poem from the book, Waiting For A Miracle by Jan Markell.

Nobody Else Will Listen, Lord

I had a monumental need today, Lord.
I needed someone to talk to.
I needed a conversation that went beyond
     my neighbor’s rose bushes, or 
      last night’s election results.
Such a paradox it seems,
     to be surrounded by people,
     to have their voices vibrating through me,
     to be numb from shaking hands,
     to hurt from smiling . . . 
     and yet to feel alone.
Alone because conversations
     center on things of insignificance for eternity.
Because conversations focus on
    the high cost of living
    and not on the Giver of Life.

Yes, alone in a crowd,
But never alone, Lord,
     for You listen
     even if I ramble and make little sense,
     or if I can’t quite explain myself,
     or if I am redundant
     and never get to the point.
Thank You, Father,
     for being my Companion,
           and Counselor,
And for listening, when all the world
Is caught up with the fun and games of life,
Too busy with yesterday’s sports results
To listen to a needy soul. 
                                                      Amen.   (found on pages 50 and 51)

Jeremiah 33:3 (TLV) 3 “Call to Me, and I will answer you— I will tell you great and hidden things, which you do not know.”  source 


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