Ricochets and Boomerangs

The month of May; the month I think about baggage. It’s the time a certain beloved man said,”I don’t need any baggage.” and I said, “Well, I got some.”

Baggage. We don’t have to live long on the planet before it begins to collect. Some have no memory of a time without baggage. But that’s another story.

Baggage. It clutters our relationships, often to suffocation and divorce.


Because there is One Baggage Handler and we often refuse to check our baggage with HIM. We just keep carrying it on-board every relationship, every marriage.

Baggage. It makes us thin-skinned and eventually mean spirited. I see it everywhere. At times in the mirror.
Thin-skinned and mean spirited. That’s when our baggage becomes OUR SIN. Baggage most often begins as someone else’s sin perpetrated upon us. And we pick it up and trudge on.


Baggage makes us projectors. Into each relationship we project what was – expecting . . .  and we are disappointed. Why? Because he/she/we cannot measure up to those projections. None of us!
And we all do it! ALL!


That’s a good question.

Here’s another one. Why do we refuse to check our baggage with THE BAGGAGE HANDLER?  (pic borrowed)

I know the answer to that one!
It has to do with how our mirror is facing. In or out. Oh. And our Bibles. Are they facing us or facing out?

Got it? Yep! Square in my face!

Matthew 11: (AMP) 28 “Come to Me, all who are weary and heavily burdened [by religious rituals that provide no peace], and I will give you rest [refreshing your souls with salvation] .source

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