My Book.

A video I watched this morning has since occupied my thoughts. The maker of the video from the onset confessed she was venting. She had apparently been to a memorial type event, lots of church people there; she had a full plate that day and she had dressed for the larger portion of the day – jeans and what looked to be a clean modest fitting T-Shirt. When she walked in the room, she felt their ‘judgment’ and for the remainder of the video, she talked about the emotional wounds we inflict upon one another with our judging one another.

May I share an expanded thought on the matter?

I wonder if we say ‘don’t judge me’ without knowing what we are saying. I hope so. Because if we are saying don’t judge me as it has for centuries been defined, we are saying Do not tell me I am wrong. Can we the people never be wrong? If that is our position, we are a deceived and arrogant bunch – o that would be judging, wouldn’t it?

When did judgment get to be such a dirty, undesirable word (deed)?

Are we so full of ourselves that we think we can’t be wrong, about anything?! Are we so full of ourselves, so enamored with ourselves that we think even GOD HIMSELF has no right to tell us we are wrong, that our behavior is wrong?

Back to the woman and her video.
Could it be what she was feeling was their condemnation?  Which in my book is worse than judging – for what my book is worth to you.

Condemnation is one saying to another I have judged your behavior, your looks, your skin color, your dress, any number of conditions and because of that I have judged YOU unredeemable; condemned by me and perhaps with professing church people – condemned by GOD.

How many of us know condemnation is not our place?! And that doing so puts us in line for judgment by GOD ALMIGHTY HIMSELF?

To be sure HE has already judged all things, be they right or wrong; and HE does have the absolute authority to do so.
You don’t believe that?
You can make that choice. But you don’t get to decide what GOD does about your choice.

And then there is another scenario. That is the dear woman has been victimized by the meanest of all and it is he who is telling her they are judging her when in fact it is he who is accusing her (he is an accomplished ventriloquist); while those folks milling around her are so wrapped up in their own stuff they have not noticed her at all – much less what she is wearing.
And that, my friends, is a whole other set of ugly luggage that needs unpacking another time.

The whole of it boils down to obedience to GOD in our relationships with HIM and others. Sometimes, He says speak. Sometimes He says ‘not a word, Kathie, not a word”.  This I have learned: disobedience is too painful a place for me to stay long. So, whoever likes may judge me all they want, I’m okay with that as long as HE is pleased with me. And as to condemnation;  well, this is what GOD says about me:

Romans 8: (KJV) 1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. source

Who do you think I am going to believe? Who do you believe?

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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