Up and Coming

I’ve done some deep ponderings this morning spanning years reaching back to the late 1800s when my great grandparents, Sallie and James, breathed younger air. I hope that is right, all I remember hearing people call him was Pappy. Sallie, I am sure of but Mammy was her handle. I don’t remember the year of the birth of my grandmother Callie. It could have been 1899 or so but maybe not as her firstborns were born in 1924;  my Momma and her twin.

Generations of the Living. How we do that living is more important than we often ponder. I’m now 67, in less than half a year that number will be 68. In these 67 years I have seen seven, yes seven (7), generations of my people walking this Earth’s crust – well, James not so much walking yet. 🥰 And I pondered these generations of my people and our kin – gosh! there’s a lot of us! I have not even a good estimate as to who were church-goers and who was not. Reaching back that far I don’t even know the names of all my kin, let alone if they loved JESUS. But of this conclusion I am certain, watching the years that I have – if you go to church and don’t take church home with you to do as Deuteronomy 6 commands, you open the floodgates of hell to deluge your children and your children’s children and your children’s children’s children to the 4th and 5th, maybe even 7th generation and beyond. We all are built upon what was built and JESUS CHRIST is the only safe, solid, strong and steady foundation that will give our Babies a fighting chance. If we violate Deuteronomy 6:4-9, the hedge is down.

But the good news is we can start Today to put that Hedge in place for those up and coming and we can pray for miracles for us old folks. 🥰