It’s Your Business

It’s been brewing for years; and the hand on the knob is turning up the heat particularly now I believe.
You’ve often heard people say as I have “don’t judge me.” Or perhaps “Mind your own business”, or “Worry about your own sins, God ain’t gonna ask you about mine.”

I am here to offer According to Matthew 28:16-20, I am expecting He will.
I am expecting Him to ask why we didn’t love people enough to lead them out and away from sin.
Why we didn’t make Him know to all the world as He told us to do.

But let us be encouraged. Folks are only touchy about sin if they are under conviction.
So give thanks.
Give thanks that He is still speaking to them.
Keep pressing in with prayer, listen carefully, speak in love as The HOLY SPIRIT leads.
Keep loving people.
Pray for boldness.
Pray for the HOLY SPIRIT to increase conviction upon those you love and be ready to give them the reason for your hope as these days get darker.

I don’t recall who said it but it is still with me:
Being grateful is good but it’s not the same as giving Thanks.



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