I think never before have I heard so many conflicting reports. Moreover, Abba, what can I do? How can I affect the evil, the lies, the corruption, the plot to deceive that to me is clearly in progress? I wonder how many of My Brothers and Sisters are as concerned as I am. Is there enough of us to get to see You make a turn in this present culture? Do we have a real way forward to see earthly justice for crimes against the Nation?
Father, I don’t know the secrets done against You in America, but You do and I would so like to see You show Your Hand big and loud. So big and loud that no one could escape the revelation of Your Word: be sure your sins will find you out
I pray for the sake of grace, that sooner than later sins will be found out in such a way people will repent and be saved. And I pray people guilty of crimes will be removed from high places that they can no longer harm others. I pray You will save America from death for JESUS’ Namesake. Amen and amen. 

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