You Know This Better Than I

Father GOD, there is nothing I can do about these States that are in dispute as to ballots, legal vs illegal, is there? I cannot oversee it. I cannot expose the truth or the false. With all my soul I want every illegal vote thrown out and not counted. You are my hope because people are depraved. They lie. They commit fraud. They steal. People are evil. But You know that better than I. Thing is I can’t stop them. I can only ask that You please quickly make it impossible for the evil conduct to stand. That you make it impossible for illegal votes to count in this election. With all my heart I do not want Joe Biden or Harris in The Oval Office. With all my soul I believe neither of them is worthy of the office. They have blood on their hands, Papa. The blood of Womb Babies. So, I am here to pray and hopefully led others to pray too. To pray for truth to be triumphant and for evil to be defeated. Based on what I have seen I believe Donald Trump cares for America; for all Americans, Womb Babies and Christians included. I have seen NONE of that in Joe Biden or Mrs. Harris. It has been four years of war, Abba. For four years people have evidenced evil hearts; have tried to destroy one man, Donald Trump. Why, LORD? Why would they do this? I know You know and I am asking You to avenge this evil and bring this hate-filled injustice to an end. I ask You to ensure that the wicked are not rewarded for their treachery but rather that You grace them with exposure and consequences grave enough that they will be inclined to repent and accept Your invitation of Eternal Life. And, if they won’t, at least they will have had the opportunity.  These years have been hard. Many of us have prayed long for revival; now I pray for reformation, a holy reformation for America. Thank You, Father, in JESUS name. 

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