A Call to Prayer

In my reading travels from blog to blog, I came across this. 
Please visit GovPray

And from the above-listed webpage, I have copied Post-Election Prayer Points for your consideration. I encourage you to visit the actual page and sign up if you are willing to pray. 

It is not my intent to weary you with my many postings. It is my hope to do all I can to help America from this limited screen. We all can pray. We all can use social media to some extent. I want our Liberty back. The LEFT will not do RIGHT voluntarily. We must pray and as He directs speak to people. 

Please refer to the following list as we pray and fast over the coming weeks. You need not work through the entire list at one sitting; feel free to spread this out over several days as you deeply pray over each individual item. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in how you should pray.
  1. That witnesses and whistle blowers would come forth.
  2. That godly, patriotic lawyers, investigators and advisors across the country will rise up to prosecute the many local and state election fraud cases that are about to emerge.
  3. That judges across the country as well as the Supreme Court will fairly adjudicate based solely upon the evidence, truth, US Constitution and our established body of law.
  4. That a deep and thorough cleansing of our government – including, but not limited to – our political, legal, law enforcement, educational, military, economic, national security, bureaucratic and judicial systems will result from this process.
  5. That those who are guilty will be found guilty.
  6. That those found guilty will pay a fair, just and Constitutional penalty for their crimes in order that our republic may preserved and that future law breakers would think twice about repeating their mistakes.
  7. That the lawyers, investigators, politicians, informants, judges, reporters and anyone else pursuing truth and justice in this matter would be granted supernatural courage, wisdom, discernment, guidance and energy, and that they and their families would be surrounded with hedges of divine protection.
  8. That those defrauded in the election would be vindicated, and awarded whatever seat is rightfully theirs.
  9. That the national and global powers (whether they be private individuals, personalities, politicians, academics, foundations, media outlets, social media platforms, financial institutions, corporations, governments, etc.) that have conspired to develop, fund, conceal, deceive, perpetrate or enable this fraud would be exposed for who and what they are, and that they would be publicly discredited, bankrupted, sentenced and removed from the playing field.
  10. That the Holy Spirit would convict and break the heart of every single person who had anything to do with this corruption, and that they would genuinely confess, repent and turn to the only one qualified to fully forgive, cleanse and redeem.
  11. That the forces (physical and spiritual) that would seek to cause division, anarchy and destruction would be quelled, and that lives and property would be spared.
  12. That the Church would continue in prayer with an attitude of humility, grace, and thankfulness, forsaking vindictiveness, arrogance and pride.
  13. That a massive movement of the Holy Spirit would sweep across our Church, our country and the entire world. End of copy. 


Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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