Not Free

Perhaps if we stopped telling People JESUS is free they’d be more interested.

A certified, professional Counselor told me decades ago his profession had discovered that people only appreciate and value those things in which they have an investment. In other words, if it’s free, who cares?!

JESUS is costly you know.

Ultimately costly.

HE will cost you your well-deserved place in hell,
your pride,
your anger,
your hate,
your failures,
your miseries,
your prejudices,
your blindness,
your unforgiveness,
your unbelief,
everything that has ever hurt you in your life or ever shall.
HE will cost you; yes, a covenant with HIM will cost you every bit of that! 

And few are willing to pay the price.

JESUS is not free.

HE is the Pearl of Great Price and if you ever see HIM, you will be willing, thrilled, ready, and overjoyed to lay down His Price.

The question is are you willing to look until you see?

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