Asking the Remnant

I am wondering and I am just enough, whatever I am – stupid maybe, to put this out here for people to read. Albeit, not that many I suspect. 🙂

Donald Trump.
Not all, but too many, people either inordinately hate Donald Trump or inordinately adore him.
I don’t think it’s a fully human happenstance.

There are people out to destroy him – why?

Why this one man that is no worse a sinner than the ones fighting night and day for more than five years now to incapacitate (that’s not my original word) him?
From what I can see these people have committed far more immoral, treasonous, criminal acts than Donald Trump but no one is after them; to the contrary, they seem to be protected from justice. 

It seems otherworldly to me for people to have this much hatred, for this long, for one man.
So who is behind this? Who is pulling the strings and why? 

And on the flip side what of these people who adore the man to the point of idol worship or something very close? What’s up with this? 

Why am I asking? I am asking because with clearly this much supernatural activity connected with this one man, something is up and I am wondering what do we the Remnant need to see and understand about this?

That’s it. 

3 thoughts on “Asking the Remnant

  1. You aren’t alone in your thoughts on this. “WHY” needs to be asked by many of us about many things in these days that we’re living in.

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