There is no such Thing

As a safe abortion.

EVERY abortion is an attempt to KILL a baby (certainly not safe for the baby)  AND
EVERY abortion strikes a blow to the soul of the mother that will sooner or later (without Divine Intervention) destroy her (not safe for her either). Romans 6:23


To every woman that advocates the ‘product of conception’ is a vegetable, a mass of cells, etc., please don’t share that with any little boy or little girl that you actually do let live to Term.

Let them think you always loved them, that they were always precious to you from the moment you knew he or she had been conceived.

GOD knew them and loved them from day 1; from the very moment, your partner’s sperm fertilized your egg. Yes, at that moment your DNA and his DNA comingled and a unique, never to be repeated, ONE FLESH became real (alive).

The Bible tells us the blood of Abel cried out to GOD when his brother Cain killed him with a rock. Genesis 4
The blood of 60 million-plus Babies is being heard.
HE will give those Babies justice one day.

And HE will forgive every mother who has aborted her baby IF she will repent. 1 John 1:9

I would to GOD that women and men would believe Science AND the BIBLE and let their Babies live.
Psalm 139:13-18

Babies cannot choose their parents.
But Mothers and Daddies given the opportunity will choose that baby you did not want. 


Why this post when it is so controversial?
Why when there are so many arguments, so many who are hell-bent on keeping a legal right to kill their babies? 

Because if I can cause just ONE woman, just ONE man to stop and think, to stop and consider GOD, this post is worth it to me.

Now for the Science. 

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