Making the Bed

It is so natural to want to pay people back for the wrong they do to us.
So natural.

What’s interesting about it though is the natural yearning to pay them back does not pay them back — it enslaves us.
These present days are abundantly filled with opportunities to yearn to make people pay.
All kinds of opportunities.
Like when you order a product that costs too much and takes too long to deliver – such opportunities seem to be on the rise.

Or cutting you off in traffic.
Or social media digs.
Or rejecting you without knowing the circumstances and refusing to hear.
Or. . . The list is ENDLESS!

We have two choices we can choose from. 

We can choose the natural.
Or choose to TRUST GOD with the hurt and yes the injustice of it.

We can choose to believe that GOD is good.
We can choose to believe that HE loves us.
We can choose to believe that HE has said Vengeance is Mine (HIS) and I (HE) will repay.     See Romans 12:19

WE CAN choose to believe HE is faithful and HE will exact exactly the proper justice at exactly the right time.

And don’t you think it is interesting that in the natural we want justice for the wrong done to us but when THE HOLY GOD who is perfect exacts justice on us for what we have done, we think that’s unfair?
‘Natural’ is a keyword here.

So, to live free. To live in peace, we must step up to godly supernatural living.
We can’t do it in the natural.
But IN CHRIST we can.
It takes practice.
And with practice, we get better and better, more and more successful at it.

Just a making-up-the-bed thought.

Happy Monday.

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We have the GOD-GIVEN RIGHT to do RIGHT in this WRONG world,

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