I had some sad thoughts this morning. Even so, I am grateful for the remedy.


They don’t listen. They don’t hear. Fear has closed their ears and their eyes to truth.

They are so weary of information, they don’t want to read anymore. So they don’t.

They are so weary of the process they are just going along with whatever comes.

Strength, a will to stand, has been beaten out of them, so they just don’t try anymore.
They just do as they are told.

So what do we do for them when they no longer hear nor see?

We pray.

It may even mean for a season we close our mouths for the trying to convince them and open our hearts and our voices to FATHER on their behalf.
Name them before Him.
Name what they will not hear and ask Holy Spirit to open their hearts to hear and see truth before it is too late.

Amen and amen.

2 thoughts on “People

  1. Dear sister – yes indeed. If we are blessed by our Lord for one in a million, we rejoice. But…brother Paul stated he wept over all the enemies of Christ in the assemblies. One day closer to Home and Him.

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