Camp Rephidim

In part Exodus 17: 3 reads: ” . . .  “For what did you bring us up from Egypt? . . . “  source 

Again, in this passage, the Hebrews are complaining. This time they are thirsty. They want water. 

We can’t blame them for that, can we? Three days with no water and we die. Right? 

Lack.  Let’s define it. 

an insufficiency, shortage, or absence of something required or desired
something that is required but is absent or in short supply  

A lack of water is serious. That I dare not deny.

Neither would you, I figure. 
So what’s the problem with the complaining? 
Good question. 
If you read the Text, I think you will discover the problem with complaining.

Even a secular 21st Century dictionary gives us a clear definition for complaining.

express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.
To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge; file a complaint.


See that word resentment? 
Read the Exodus Passage and I think you will agree — there was much resentment in the Camp at Rephidim.


Their complaining was not a request for water made in faith,
it was a lack of TRUST in the face of Lack. 

They were accusing Moses and ultimately GOD of wrongdoing, of not caring, of not loving them.  

We don’t want to do that.
When we are without water; rather than complaining, we want to remember GOD is ALWAYS GOOD and we are ALWAYS LOVED. 

Remembering, trusting, relying on these two facts will keep us out of the Camp of Rephidim.

Now I think the foregoing is good. 

I think it will help us when we embrace it; but, it’s not the point I came here to make. 

The Hebrews asked a good question with a wrong attitude. 

” . . .  “For what did you bring us up from Egypt? . . . ”


It’s a question we need to ask the Father in humble adoration, seeking His direction for us. 

Why did HE bring us out of Egypt?
Why did HE save us from sin, hell, and the grave? 

To keep on complaining?
Absolutely not! 

So why did HE save you? 
Has HE saved you? 

Now what?

2 thoughts on “Camp Rephidim

  1. A true word and today I needed it. Sometimes the truth hurts, but I praise God for His word that keeps my perspective on eternity and not on the things of this world.
    Today instead of complaining I will praise and thank my God for His word that keeps me on track and in heeding it I will stay out of Camp Rephidim!

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