But Wait . . .

I think you should read Exodus 12 today.  Not because I did but because of what it says.

Let me stir us up today.

GOD kills people.

When was the last time you heard that preached?

12 For that night, I will pass through the land of Egypt and kill all the firstborn in the land of Egypt, both men and animals; and I will execute judgment against all the gods of Egypt; I am Adonai. source

But I am not a proponent of taking Scripture out of context which is why I am urging you to always read in context.

GOD kills people.
As I made that note in my journal, I thought the first thing people are going to say is that was the Old Testament.  Yes. It is. But wait.
Acts 5 is in the New Testament.  Check it out.

Back to Exodus.

Would you agree we need to know what would cause GOD to kill someone?
Scripture is where we can gather that knowledge.  Exodus 12 is an excellent place to start.
Albeit, we would need to read more than Exodus 12 to learn all the evil rebellions done by Pharoah and his people. How familiar are you with the story given to us in the Book of Exodus?
It is well worth your time to read it.

What else is in Exodus 12?

There is verse 13.

13 The blood will serve you as a sign marking the houses where you are; when I see the blood, I will pass over you — when I strike the land of Egypt, the death blow will not strike you.  source 

Please, please don’t miss this: when I see the blood, I will pass over you.

This is GOD talking!
When I see the blood, I will pass over you! 

When GOD looks at YOU does He see the BLOOD of JESUS applied to YOU as the blood of the Passover Lamb was applied to the doors of those houses in Egypt?

The Hebrews of Old applied that blood to the doorposts. See verse 7.
doorThey obeyed and applied the blood because GOD told them to.
They heard the words of Moses given to him from The Father and they obeyed what they heard.
Sound familiar?  Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the Word of GOD? See Romans 12:17

So I must ask again – Is the BLOOD of JESUS The CHRIST applied to you?
When GOD moves in judgment will He pass over you?
seder-e1394248396864Look again at verse 12.
He was executing JUDGMENT when He killed all the firstborns not protected by the blood of the Passover Lamb.
Are you protected?

And if you read Acts 5, you will see not pagans being killed but church people.
There are sins unto death for church people.  See 1 John 5.

I began by saying I was going to stir us up?
Did I?

Love, Kathie 

Camp Rephidim

In part Exodus 17: 3 reads: ” . . .  “For what did you bring us up from Egypt? . . . “  source 

Again, in this passage, the Hebrews are complaining. This time they are thirsty. They want water. 

We can’t blame them for that, can we? Three days with no water and we die. Right? 

Lack.  Let’s define it. 

an insufficiency, shortage, or absence of something required or desired
something that is required but is absent or in short supply  

A lack of water is serious. That I dare not deny.

Neither would you, I figure. 
So what’s the problem with the complaining? 
Good question. 
If you read the Text, I think you will discover the problem with complaining.

Even a secular 21st Century dictionary gives us a clear definition for complaining.

express feelings of pain, dissatisfaction, or resentment.
To make a formal accusation or bring a formal charge; file a complaint.


See that word resentment? 
Read the Exodus Passage and I think you will agree — there was much resentment in the Camp at Rephidim.


Their complaining was not a request for water made in faith,
it was a lack of TRUST in the face of Lack. 

They were accusing Moses and ultimately GOD of wrongdoing, of not caring, of not loving them.  

We don’t want to do that.
When we are without water; rather than complaining, we want to remember GOD is ALWAYS GOOD and we are ALWAYS LOVED. 

Remembering, trusting, relying on these two facts will keep us out of the Camp of Rephidim.

Now I think the foregoing is good. 

I think it will help us when we embrace it; but, it’s not the point I came here to make. 

The Hebrews asked a good question with a wrong attitude. 

” . . .  “For what did you bring us up from Egypt? . . . ”


It’s a question we need to ask the Father in humble adoration, seeking His direction for us. 

Why did HE bring us out of Egypt?
Why did HE save us from sin, hell, and the grave? 

To keep on complaining?
Absolutely not! 

So why did HE save you? 
Has HE saved you? 

Now what?

I’m Hungry


The Hebrews on the 15th day of the second month since departing Egypt are complaining. 
Big time complaining. Like:
“. . . You have taken us out into this desert to let this whole assembly starve to death!”  (verse 3)

That’s what they said. 

Interesting, they were wishing they had died in Egypt — but here the thought of starving to death was not welcomed. 
Humans. We are a messed up bunch — until JESUS is LORD of us. 

Verse 18  . . .  each person had gathered according to his appetite.
This is speaking of the Manna that GOD sent to them each morning.
They got quail in the evening. 

This is my observation – we do the same.
We gather from the Bread of Heaven – The Word of GOD according to our appetite.
We eat the amount we want.
This is why it is so important that we pray for GOD to increase our appetite – to literally ask Him to create in us a hunger for His Word.
If we ask and keep on asking HE WILL.

Would you say, we watch television, YouTubes, listen to music, etc., etc. according to our appetite?

What are our appetites? 
What do we crave?
How can we know?
What say ye?

A Bumpy Ride

Fellow Followers of The LORD JESUS CHRIST, stop fretting, grumbling, complaining, and feeding on the media’s idolatry of governmental administrations. Don’t give this Distraction the time of day. 
Instead, give GOD time. Give HIM your attention. Abide in unceasing prayer with Him.
He is worthy of your time, attention, and affection.  

GOD said be sure your sin will find you out and they will. Numbers 32:23

Consider this with me. GOD works with what we give Him. 
GOD established government. Government as GOD established it is good; good and needful. Check out Moses; presently that’s my understanding of where government began. Exodus 18.
Additionally, like it or not GOD decides who sits in government offices.  Romans 13:1; Daniel 2:21; Daniel 4:17

Now back to God works with what we give Him and what He has given us. 
He gave us government. We corrupted it. We have elections. People speak. 
Have the people spoken? Yes and no. 
This present administration (and let’s face it – others before it) is what America earned.
Is that to say all Americans are getting what they deserve? 

I think not; particularly children. 
But know this: the sins of the parents and grandparents and great-grandparents are affecting the children of today.  (Deuteronomy 5:9)

I rest in this: GOD loves me. He loves all my loves (meaning my People).
And sin must be rewarded with what it has earned.
This present administration shall reap a harvest from GOD. Will that harvest be in time to bring people to repentance? I don’t know. 

But I do know no sin slides. 

So what kind of people should we be? 

Not fretters. Not complainers. Not worriers. 

Pray. Trust. Wait. 
And as we wait, speak Scripture. Live Scripture. Love Scripture. Share Scripture.
And wait till GOD does what only He can do.
And what does He do?
One of the infinite, innumerable things He does is appoint leaders to either lead the people to right and tranquil living; or if they will not, He allows the consequences the People have earned to give them opportunities to repent.
Still, the choice to repent or perish is each individual’s to make. 

Such is where we are. 
Can America come back from this? 
I seriously have my doubts BUT GOD will surely forgive each and every American or any other person the world over who will REPENT and turn FROM sin TO HIM.

Will we soon be without this Country we have so greatly enjoyed? 
I don’t know. 

Hebrews 13:5
But HIS OWN better do some repenting and turning and trusting.
Because the Ride just may get really bumpy moving forward.