Trusting GOD

Even when it doesn’t look like we should.
That is what 

Hebrews 11

is about.  Let’s look at a few verses. 

Verse 9
Abraham lived as a temporary resident. 
Do I? Do I live here as a temporary resident?
How tied to this world am I? How tied are you?
I’ve heard some people have dual citizenship. (see Philippians 3:20-21)
Which citizenship do I give the more allegiance to?
How about you? Which citizenship has your allegiance?

Verse 11
Abraham regarded GOD and the promises GOD made to him.
How many of God’s promises to me, am I so regarding — counting as sure?
How many promises can I actually name that He has given me?

Verse 13
All these people kept on trusting, until they died.
(And some promises they did not receive before their deaths)
Do we believe there are promises we will receive even after death?
They did.

On and on the chapter goes, speaking of Moses’ parents, Moses himself and Rahab, and others.
They all trusted GOD when circumstances looked like He was not coming through for them.

In verses 32-38 certain people are described this way: The world was not worthy of them!
I hope you will read about them.trusta 2

Love, Kathie 

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