daisies-background-3Luke 16

Now this one is a head-scratcher, even a head-in-my-hands one.

This much I think I got.
Worldly Wealth and The Law.

If we miss that He is addressing how we are to respond to worldly wealth and any dependence on the Law to make us right before GOD we will miss His message here in Chapter 16.

He was speaking to His disciples but verse 14 lets us know the Pharisees were listening.  Someone long ago told me this was ricochet ministry. Bouncing it off one to target another who is within earshot.

To me, it is clear in this passage that being poor, sick, or lame does not get you to Heaven; neither does being rich and privileged.

It is a matter of Servanthood.
Are we slaves to worldly wealth and the LAW or are we Servants of THE MOST HIGH GOD?

Our eternity depends on this.

I hope you will read Chapter 16.
I don’t have a lot of answers but if you are interested in further discussion, let me know.289421-Hello-Friday

Love, Kathie