100% Accurate

536edc003037360670775bc0e56f9061Luke 2

Did you read it today?

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May I draw your attention to a few verses this evening?

Verse 2. the first of its kind
This was the first census. 
Requiring Mary to travel in the third trimester – a 90-mile trip. 
Do you wonder who was behind that idea? Do you know Who knew it was going to happen? Do you know there was a prophecy that Yeshua would be born in Bethlehem? And born in Bethlehem He was. GOD is always 100% accurate. (Micah 5:2)
In my experience, GOD uses things of this earthly journey (even the inconvenient, uncomfortable, and downright hard stuff) to move His people to the right place at the right time. Why! He can even use the stuff the devil initiates to flip back on the devil and turn it for our good. There’s a Scripture for that isn’t there? Romans 8:28

You will note in verse 6 that YESHUA was Mary’s FIRST child. She had other children after JESUS.

Verse 11. there was born for you a Deliverer
The angel said to the Shepherds born for you. Imagine being a shepherd and hearing that. FOR YOU.
But that was not all they heard: A DELIVERER.

They needed A DELIVERER.

So do we.
I think people today don’t believe that. They don’t believe they need A Deliverer.
A Deliverer from what, they might ask.

From what indeed!

How many things can you name from which THE DELIVERER has delivered you? 

Have a good evening, my Friends. 

Love, Kathie