Boat Rental

It is late as I sit to write so I plan to be quick.

Luke 5.

I am about to say something that is so obvious that it sounds stupid to say it but I’m saying it anyway. 

YESHUA is so smart!

Think about the most intelligent man you know; the wisest, just so brilliant! — he is dumber than dirt compared to JESUS.

Verses 1-3 
The people were crowding The LORD to hear The WORD of the LORD. Pressing in they were. YESHUA saw two boats on the beach. He requested permission to board, told Simon Peter to put out a little way and from there He taught the people. Pressing problem solved. 

Acoustics! From the boat with water all around, all the people could hear Him. 

And then. Some more KWT paraphrasing. 

YESHUA paid boat rental!

Don’t you see it?  Look at verses 4 and 5. 
YESHUA told Peter to launch out and put down the nets. Peter said we did that all night and caught nothing but since you say so I will. 

Oh, what a haul of fish they got!

Like I said boat rental!
And an invitation to Peter to believe. He did!

Please notice with me that the GODMAN is truly GOD and truly the perfect Man. 
Smart. Intelligent. Kind. Considerate. Honest. Caring. THE ONLY PERFECT MAN!
To any seeking fallen human, meeting YESHUA was the greatest happening in their life. 
Still is! 
There is NO ONE like HIM.
To know Him is to love Him. 

Do you? 


Love, Kathie 


Isaiah 35

I hope you will read it today.

I prefer the Complete Jewish Bible but there are many translations that will give you an excellent reading. 

My reading today, prompted praying.
Like, Father, help me adore YOU in Your Splendor. 

Splendor. Check even a secular dictionary and you might appreciate the word Splendor. 

Great light or luster; brilliance.
Magnificent appearance or display; grandeur.
 Something grand or magnificent.
Great fame; glory.  Free
Is GOD that to you? Is He that to your family and friends? 
Prayers can only help! 
Verses 5 and 6 prompted prayer.
For blind eyes, including mine and anything that I am blind to that I need to see, to be opened.
For my family and friends to see.
For their ears to hear; for them to walk holy; for them to speak holy; for their lives to smell good to GOD.
Do you have blind and lame family and friends too? Perhaps you will read Isaiah 35 and pray for them today. 
Verse 8 – The Way of Holiness

Who of us does not need this?! 

On with this day! 135455-Lets-Get-This-Week-Started

Love, Kathie