A World of People

This is what I see.

I see a world of people busy doing nothing that amounts to anything for the Kingdom of GOD or their own or their children’s eternal life benefit.

I see people racing around, snapping and yelling at each other; too busy for even a kind word.

I see people so wrapped around themselves that there is rarely a thought outside the parameters of ‘and how does this affect me?’

I see people lost as hell with no concern and no interest in getting off that broad road to destruction.

And then I see people with a form of godliness, a pretense that they know Him but there is no evidence in their day-to-day activity that indicates the Power of GOD to overcome even a bad attitude.

I see a world of people in darkness pretending to be celebrating all this month the birth of The LIGHT of The World, yet they have no concept of Him, no love for Him, and no obedience to Him.

This is the world we live in — utter darkness with very few lampstands trimmed and ready.
BUT PRAISE GOD for those that are!!

It’s hard seeing this day after day, BUT GOD still saves even one that will open their eyes and bow their will to THE GOD who is willing and able to forgive them and deliver them from this utter darkness.


Love, Kathie