I’d like a brief word with you this evening from Matthew 13. I am calling our attention to verses 49 and 50. save-imageWhat do you see in these verses? Even what I see (Scholars would surely see more) is a lot for 2 verses.
One, do you see that this world as it is is not going to go on endlessly? There is a CLOSE OF THE AGE. Life, as we know it here, is going to end; not just for us individually but for the whole earth. If you ever doubted that – don’t anymore.
Two, there are real angels and they receive real commands from GOD to carry out as He speaks.
Three, there are evil people and those evil people have a destination.
Four, there are righteous people. The righteous people and the evil people are going to be separated.
Five, the evil people are going to a fiery furnace where they will wail and grind their teeth.
Six, if they wail and grind their teeth, they must have a mouth and teeth and if they have a mouth and teeth they must have a body, emotions, and senses. They must be REAL. Existing.

Seven. JESUS said this.

Can you think of any valid reason to not believe Him?

This particular passage does not tell us where the righteous people go.  Do you know?  See John 14:3-10 for some sweet, assuring comfort.


Love, Kathie

Chapter 3

James 3 

So far I have read about 8 verses. James is penning this to Israel in Diaspora. That means the Messianic Jews dispersed from Jerusalem to parts all around.  Yeshua-loving, believing Jews that left Jerusalem due to life-threatening persecution. 

And by chapter 3 of his letter, he begins with this: Not many of you should become teachers, my brothers, since you know that we will be judged more severely. For we all stumble in many ways; if someone does not stumble in what he says, he is a mature man who can bridle his whole body.

I am thinking some of his audience were thinking of becoming teachers of Scripture. He cautioned them.
Teachers use their tongues (today teachers also use keyboards). 

James then goes into an extended exhortation about the importance of the tongue AND the impossibility of controlling it. He gives examples like big ships can be guided by a small rudder; horses can be turned this way and that by a simple bit; one spark of fire can burn an entire forest, but the tongue. 
Oh, the tongue can burn down a life in a flash. and who can stop it? 
For people have tamed and continue to tame all kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures; but the tongue no one can tame — it is an unstable and evil thing, full of death-dealing poison! source 

Reading on, what does he say? 

 With it we bless Adonai, the Father; and with it we curse people, who were made in the image of God. 10 Out of the same mouth come blessing and cursing! Brothers, it isn’t right for things to be this way.  source 

I think I shall not expound on that but I am glad James did.

He explains only man does this. All the rest of creation produces fruit and actions as it was created. Read the verses and see what he means. 

Chapter 3. It’s plain. It’s direct. It’s undeniable. AND it is disobeyed every day! Brothers, it isn’t right for things to be this way.

 I think we cannot pray too much for each other to obey Chapter 3. 

Love, Kathie


Seas and Pirates

Thus far I have read a few verses from James 1

This is not my first reading of James as I have notes written on the page. Over the word temptations in verse 2 I have written the word pirates. 
I don’t know what prompted me to write it or even when I did; but, today it has given me many thoughts. 

Pirates — temptations. 
In times like these, I think I’d like to engage a zoom app on this screen to see and hear what you have to say about it. 

Pirates and temptations. How could these be related? 

I started by defining pirates at BibliaTodo Dictionary.
This is what I found:

An armed ship or vessel which sails without a legal commission, for the purpose of plundering other vessels on the high seas

A robber on the high seas; one who by open violence takes the property of another on the high seas; especially, one who makes it his business to cruise for robbery or plunder; a freebooter on the seas; also, one who steals in a harbor.

I wish I could know what thoughts are forming for you, but since I don’t, I’ll give you mine. 

Temptations. Where do they come from? I am reminded of a verse of Scripture that tells me GOD tempts no one but there is one who does. How about that?! Those verses are right here in James 1

13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man: 14 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed. 

Yikes! Our own flesh will tempt us and as if that is not enough there is the evil one too. 1 Peter 5:8 has something to say about that. 

Could temptations be like pirates? Navigating around in our seas seeking to steal from us? Things like trust, hope, strength, joy, patience, all the fruits of the Spirit? What else might temptations (pirates) seek to steal from us? 
I think when we set sail on a course without permission or guidance from Holy Spirit we shall surely meet pirates and when we do we better turn that ship around and head for JESUS — like NOW. 

Do you have pirates bearing down on you? Are your seas rough, chopping, or perhaps you have a calm – for now?
This we know pirates don’t give up until they are slain . . . the thing is we can’t rid our seas of the many pirates let loose in this world. So what are we to do? 
Actually, the rest of James 1 tells us what to do. 
I hope you will read it.


Love, Kathie 

Trusting GOD

Even when it doesn’t look like we should.
That is what 

Hebrews 11

is about.  Let’s look at a few verses. 

Verse 9
Abraham lived as a temporary resident. 
Do I? Do I live here as a temporary resident?
How tied to this world am I? How tied are you?
I’ve heard some people have dual citizenship. (see Philippians 3:20-21)
Which citizenship do I give the more allegiance to?
How about you? Which citizenship has your allegiance?

Verse 11
Abraham regarded GOD and the promises GOD made to him.
How many of God’s promises to me, am I so regarding — counting as sure?
How many promises can I actually name that He has given me?

Verse 13
All these people kept on trusting, until they died.
(And some promises they did not receive before their deaths)
Do we believe there are promises we will receive even after death?
They did.

On and on the chapter goes, speaking of Moses’ parents, Moses himself and Rahab, and others.
They all trusted GOD when circumstances looked like He was not coming through for them.

In verses 32-38 certain people are described this way: The world was not worthy of them!
I hope you will read about them.trusta 2

Love, Kathie 

Eight for Today

Ps 119:1-8


Photo created at You Version

Did you read it?
Did you notice verses 1 and 2 are NOT questions?!
What do you make of that? That they are not questions, I mean?
Did you see that it takes practicing verse 5 for verses 6 and 7 to be activated in our lives? 

Okay. I’m done. 

Love, Kathie