Dewy Fresh

When my beloved shared his Guidepost devotion with me this morning, I became eager to get to our screen to share it with you. It is last year’s read but dewy fresh to me this morning.

“I used to like the saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” But after an experience our daughter had one year, I’ve changed the words slightly.

Nikki was five then and looking forward to the pet show her kindergarten teacher had announced. She couldn’t wait to show off Purry, our black kitten, and to admire her classmates’ pets as well. Then life dumped a whole crateful of lemons on Nikki in the form of chicken pox. Spotty and itchy, she felt too miserable to enjoy staying home. Even the little “get well” toys we gave her couldn’t sweeten her forced vacation. 

When she returned to school, I hoped she wouldn’t be too dejected after hearing about the fun she had missed. Instead, she came home bursting with pride and handed me the cause of her elation. It was a shiny gold foil medallion with two blue construction paper ribbons dangling beneath. The inscription on the foil said, “First Prize for Most Invisible Cat.”

Do you know someone too discouraged today to see a bright side? I suggest that when life gives your friends lemons, you help them make lemonade! Nikki’s teacher provided the “sugar” with a few scrapes of paper.

How can I help?

How can you?

LORD, give us sensitivity and creativity to uplift others.  —B.J. Connor

‘Ain’t’ that good?!!

I am praying for the Kirk-Dossett Family today. John was out for his regular walk this Tuesday evening and instead of walking back to the house to join Debbie for supper, he joined JESUS. It has been an engulfing shock to them, so if you will join me in praying for them all.  And I still have many, many others on my ‘LORD JESUS, please help list’; as perhaps you do too.

DADDY GOD, thank You for always hearing my prayers. Thank You for the prayer conversations of this morning already; and it is my request to continue them. Debbie, John III, and all the family. Thank You, HOLY SPIRIT, for laying them heavy on my mind, asking for strength for them, for peace, comfort and consolation, carry them, O LORD, through these days and weeks of fresh mourning. Kerri, Dori and Pam – remembering them too; precious women needing individual, for different reasons Your touch in their lives and upon their very beings. Others too, ABBA, fresh on my heart I bring for Your Will to be done.  Israel. Protection and peace for them; for the subduing of all their enemies. And, ABBA, I am asking You for mercy on America. We the people, many of us, those who You have saved, we desire this Nation to stand with Israel, to support and help Israel; we do not want America to turn Her back on Israel so I pray that You will overrule the numbers here that are anti-Israel and cause us to be a steadfast ally with and for Israel. And I pray You will stop Iran from getting this weapon of mass destruction. I am mindful that Your Word describes destruction is coming upon this world typical of nuclear warfare but I am asking You for more time to advance Your Gospel; for more people to be saved and for more Christians to get serious about You and obeying Your Commission to us.  And for the day before us, thank You that You Got This and we are safe in JESUS name. I pray for each one who comes here to read and to pray that each will sense Your Manifest Presence today, and be corrected, be encouraged, be renewed and revived to good works in Your Name.Thank You, ABBA.

Blessings to you Dear Friends    +++

Remember YOU have the God-given RIGHT to do right in this wrong world!


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