I read an email this morning and I have decided to NOT keep it to myself – perhaps my sharing will be a deposit in my own account. 🙂 Keep reading.

Dear Friends,

Have you been making more withdrawals from your emotion bank than deposits? Let’s examine a definition of depression: Emotional Bankruptcy!

Our brains are the physical building that holds the chemicals that are the currency that make our world go round. We have good days and we have bad days. On a day when we feel well we make deposits of those endorphins, but on a bad day we write a check to cover our withdrawals.

As with anything in our lives, balance is the key. We have to keep our emotion checkbook balanced or we will become overdrawn and eventually have to file for bankruptcy. When we continually have those bad days we are unable to make the deposits that help keep our heads above water. As we spend ourselves emotionally into debt that is over our heads we are like the person that is drowning: Going down once, twice and a third time. Before long we are know something is wrong, but we don’t really know what to do about.

So how do we get out of this kind of debt? Sometimes we need to borrow money; not real money, but medication to help balance our emotion checkbook for a time being until we can start making deposits on our own. Please see your emotional financial adviser (Your DOCTOR)! These deposits relieve the stress that keeps pulling you back under. It is not a bad thing to borrow in order to get your feet back on solid ground. When we are sinking and can’t find the help we need this is one way to be rescued.

Another way is to start making little deposits all on your own by doing things that make you feel good for just a little while. I know it sounds strange, but go shine your kitchen sink. This simple little act will put a smile on your face and guess what that smile is a great big deposit in your account. The next thing to do is start getting dressed each day. Put on some clothes that you feel good in (another deposit) and then go fix your face and hair! If you look good on the outside your insides will feel good. Just look at the deposits you are making in your bank. Then lay out your clothes for tomorrow and get into bed at a decent hour. These are all daily deposits that will help you to get out of your emotional bankruptcy. Daily routines help to keep this checkbook balanced each day!

When your good days start out numbering your bad ones, you are on the road to emotional financial balance. Each day we deserve to give ourselves a hug! Find some time for you!

Please start making those deposits in your emotional bank. We can’t keep spending ourselves into emotional bankruptcy!



Philippians 4:13 New Living Translation (NLT)

13 For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength.

via Phil 4:13 NLT;CJB – For I can do everything through Christ, – Bible Gateway.

Again on this 21st day of 2014,


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