But Wait!

I was about to share only one verse with you.

10 (9) Adonai, all my longing is known to you; my sighing is not hidden from you.

via Ps 38 KJV;CJB – O Lord, rebuke me not in thy wrath: – Bible Gateway

And then I read a few more.

11 (10) My heart is throbbing, my strength is gone, and the light in my eyes has left me.
12 (11) My friends and companions shun my disease; even the closest keep their distance.
13 (12) Those seeking my life lay snares for me, those seeking to harm me speak of disaster and think up deceptions all day long.
14 (13) But I’m like a deaf man — I don’t hear it; and, like a mute, I don’t say a word.
15 (14) Yes, I’ve become like a man who doesn’t hear and in whose mouth are no defenses.
16 (15) For it is in you, Adonai, that I hope. You will answer, Adonai my God.

via Ps 38 KJV;CJB – O Lord, rebuke me not in thy wrath: – Bible Gateway.

Do you see it? Have you lived it? Are you living it now?

The complete exhaustion of running. So worn out there is no sparkle, not even a glint of a smile left in the eyes.  And it has been going on so long that people avoid him (her) now; even her closest friends don’t come around as often anymore.  It’s like they are afraid they’ll catch it: the lack of luster, the no vision for a silver lining, the world has betrayed me, all is lost, woe is me.  And so the barrage does not stop for her; constantly, day after day her mind is filled with memories, taunts, dialogues spoken and not spoken, premonitions  of failure and defeat forevermore, the endless sameness of this nightmare; through it all her mind has snared her feet and bound her hands; she performs only what she must to keep the family breathing.

But wait! A revelation comes. She grabs hold and refuses to let go! She stops listening to the taunts, she releases the memories to Another. She ceases to talk the talk of the enemy; she surrenders the debate; she sees it now: her enemy deserves no words from her. Her trust in Him will now speak for her: get thee hence Satan.

How? How could this be?

For it is in you, Adonai, that I hope. You will answer, Adonai my God.

It is You, ADONAI! My hope is in You and even though I do not know all the answers to why or how or what, YOU are my Answer today and tomorrow.

ABBA, thank You. HOLY SPIRIT, I pray You will take this and direct it before the eyes and to the hearts of those You have prepared to receive Your Word and be made whole. Let not a one of us miss what You have for us here in JESUS name.

Rejoicing on this 43rd day of 2014 that none of my longings are hidden from HIM,


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