Why Not?

May I share with you this picture img_8951and a story?

The Text comes from Psalm 84 and it was a portion of my reading this morning. I stayed with this Psalm for a while; from one verse to the next and I settled on verse 5 for my Scripture pic for today.

(4) How happy are those who live in your house;
they never cease to praise you! (Selah)

Clearly this is speaking of GOD’s house, more specifically for us His Presence. For thousands of years, this passage has been experienced. Those living in the Presence of GOD are happy and they praise Him. And for me this verse gives me an application I am hoping will move you. It did me.

What if each person living in our respective homes could say to all the other persons living in each home: ‘you are easy to live with, you make our home a happy place.’  Can you imagine the difference that would make in this world?

Go with me for a few lines. This kind of living would mean kids could go to school in peace and anticipate going home to love and acceptance whatever their grades and loving help and support if perchance those grades were below average; they could count on having food, clean clothes, laughter, hugs, goodnight prayers, and quiet healthy sleep. Oh! I wish that could be for every home, children or not, and spouse or not!

The picture.  It’s so huge to me because in an imperfect way it fleshes out an application of today’s verse. This Summer we had most of our GRANDS at various times at home with us; the subject time was Josh and Issy. And here Issy’s big toe was sore. Pup offered to take a look and Issy agreed. We prepared a pan of Epsom salt water and soaked her toe and then Pup donned his headlamp to shed some light on what was causing the pain. Josh looked on even putting his foot in the saltwater identifying with his sister (well, maybe not but the analogy works 🙂  ) Are you seeing this imperfect picture of our Perfect GOD? Are you seeing GOD who stepped down from Heaven to wash our feet? Are you seeing that when each of us in our respective places serves one another, happy is spread all around? 

Is anyone in your house like that? You’re the only one? Well. It has to start with someone. Why not you? Why not me? cropped-img_8918.jpg

Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.

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