The Great Divide

Father GOD, I am so grateful You let me be Your daughter; thank You. I have done nothing to deserve You; it’s all Your grace. I admit to You I am alarmed and stunned at the foolishness and the unholiness I see and the hatred and the for lack of better words down right dumbness and dullness displayed day after day. And so in the words of You, Yeshua, Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. Holy Spirit, please lavish us with strong conviction for sin and bring we the people to repentance. I am asking You for an awakening to who we have become as a people and what will befall us if we do not repent. I pray You will fill pulpits with courageous people and the pews with the same and that sinners and saints will repent. I pray for the zeal of the Apostles to be infused into every son and daughter You have on this planet. I don’t expect it overnight but I ask that it steadily grow until You are pleased and evil is curtailed in this Land.
I ask You to defuse and disband the hate groups that are loudly and violently demanding their own way.
I pray for President Trump and all his cabinet that they will give You their attention. I pray for wisdom and protection for them. I pray You will speak and make Your will known to each man and woman sitting in places of leadership.
I pray for safety and protection for the people in the path of this hurricane bearing down on Texas. Thank You for how You will glorify Yourself and help people through this tragic happening.
I pray for unbelievers across this country that they will have an encounter with You that turns their hearts and opens their mouths to speak truth.
Father GOD, I pray You will forgive the flat-out stupidity that is rampant and that You will raise up men and women of wisdom to outshine and overcome this blight on America at this time.
I pray Holy Spirit that You will revive us. I am thinking that we Your people are a lot sicker than we think we are; move us to find out just what the truth is about ourselves and more importantly just what You expect of us. I don’t think we know. We either don’t know or we have gotten distracted by the world and we have forgotten why we are here. Forgive us, Abba, and renew and revive us quickly I pray.

Shabbat Shalom, my Friends

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