Reading Truth!

The reading of Luke 1.

May I share a few words? Words I underlined as I read. It’s longer than other chapters — but, you just might find it worth the read.

Why was this Gospel of Luke penned?
Verse 4. So we may know for sure the truth.  So as we read the whole of the Gospel of Luke, let us know we are reading truth. Let truth reign in us.

Verse 37.  We can land on this one. Remember we are reading truth!37 For with God nothing shall be impossible.”  Nothing we bring to Him in prayer, petition, and request is impossible.  Nothing is too big or too small. He cares! Not only does He care. He is able!

45. Blessed is she who trusted . . . there is more to the verse but I am convinced I can safely believe this for me. I am blessed when I trust Him!

In verses 74 and 75 I see we are rescued from the fiercest of enemies to serve The HOLY ONE. To serve Him in holiness and righteousness all our days! This is our calling! This is our duty. This is our greatest privilege and pleasure. Do we believe this truth?

Verse 77. The knowledge of salvation comes through the removal of our sins. It says removal! At salvation! Our sins are removed! We no longer bear them because JESUS did!

Verses 78 and 79. Through our GOD’s heart of mercy . . . we have the guide for our feet. We get to walk in peace on the sod of this hostile world because He was made flesh and dwelt among us! John 1:14 And He is coming again! Revelation 22:20.

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