When our Little Ones start stretching, we feel the tightening and the pull; and when that stretching is sooner than expected, or sooner than provisions in hand – we hurt! We really hurt!

So let us pray.

Abba, we love  _____ so much but we don’t like this stretching that he/she is doing right now. We don’t like the unkindness of failed responses; the pulling away with a bite instead of a kiss. It feels so wrong and we believe it is. And it’s this way, You either care or You don’t – I believe You do.  You either love him/her more than we do, or You don’t – I believe You do. You will either intervene, go after and stay on him/her until they return, or You won’t – I believe You will. So we can either rest our comfort in You, or not – I am. In JESUS name I am. Thank You, Abba. Thank You.

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